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10 research teams

Auditory cognition and communication

Luc Arnal and Diane Lazard

Neural coding in the auditory system

Jérémie Barral

Auditory system dynamics and multisensory processing

Brice Bathellier

Clinical and translational exploration of sensorineural hearing loss

Didier Dulon and Hung Thai-Van

Progressive sensory disorders, pathology and therapy

Aziz El Amraoui

Cochlear development and therapeutic perspectives

Raphaël Etournay

Neural coding and neuroengineering of human speech functions

Anne-Lise Giraud

Plasticity of central auditory circuits

Nicolas Michalski

Auditory therapies innovation lab

Christine Petit

Technologies and gene therapy for deafness

Yann Nguyen and Saaid Safieddine