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Pasteur courses and academic courses

The researchers of the Hearing Institute intervene in several courses:

  • Pasteur course : "Hearing : from mechanisms to restoration technologies (HeaR).

Committed to education since its creation, the Hearing Institute organizes both a theoretical and practical course addressing the latest advances in research covering the understanding of the mechanisms of auditory perception from the ear to the brain, their disorders and modern methods of repairing the auditory function. In a dynamic and international environment, the HeaR course will alternate between lectures given by specialists and application of concepts during in-depth practical work sessions.

Accessible from the master level, the course has been designed to provide an overview of recent discoveries in basic and clinical research to hearing practitioners wishing to complete their knowledge, as well as for young researchers (PhD students) and engineers wishing to pursue a career in the field of hearing research, both at the practical and fundamental levels.

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  • OMI-Pasteur course (OMI : Open Medicine Initiative): "Neurological and sensory disorders : genes, pathogenesis & innovative therapies".

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  • DIU of Université de Lyon : "Audiologie et otologie médicale : prise en charge des pathologies audio-vestibulaires de l'enfant à l'adulte".

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  • DU of Sorbonne University : "Audioprothèses implantables chez l’adulte".

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Education through research

Supporting talented young researchers is one of the major goals of the Hearing Institute, which has chosen to develop a policy of support for researchers beginning their careers and for students. The teams are integrated into a structure that links basic and translational research and are in constant interaction in an environment in which ideas and knowledge are exchanged. Multidisciplinary profiles are favored within the institute, with researchers and medical doctors working together.